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    A special Commendation Medal and Award of Bravery


    HATS Group Clinical Director Ashley Stowell, to receive A Commendation Medal and Award of Bravery, on behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

    HATS Heroes of the Month
    May 2021


    During May, everyone will recall that many areas of the UK’s Health and Social Care system were under tremendous pressure: in this environment there were many superb examples of HATS colleagues pulling out all of the stops for our customers, patients and service users.

    HATS Heroes of the Month
    April 2021


    Everyone knows that our ‘HATS – Hero of the Month Award’ aims to recognise and celebrate the outstanding efforts of our people and/or teams who go above and beyond in the pursuit of delivering exceptional levels of service and care.

    HATS Heroes of the Month
    March 2021


    As has been said many times before, the senior leadership team at HATS is immensely proud of the way that everyone from across all areas of HATS has performed and continued to deliver.

    HATS Heroes of the Month
    February 2021


    Effective implementation of COVID-19 Infection Prevention Control (IPC) management and protocols, gave significant peace of mind, confidence and assurance to the patient and their parents that they were in safe hands…..

    HATS Heroes of the Month
    January 2021


    HATS St Pancras teams efforts contributed enormously to the efficient and effective roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine in their region…..

    HATS Heroes of the Month
    December 2020


    It could have been a very different outcome: Thinking back, it was a really scary situation, but our training kicked in and we got everything under control…..

    HATS Heroes of the Month
    November 2020


    All three individuals displayed remarkable levels of calmness, professionalism and authoritativeness in what was a tremendously stressful situation, putting the safety of others before themselves….

"The HATS staff were very professional polite and helpful."

Patients, Karen & Richard, London

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