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HATS Heroes of the Month
May 2021

Everyone knows that our ‘HATS – Hero of the Month Award’ aims to recognise and celebrate the outstanding efforts of our people and/or teams who go above and beyond in the pursuit of delivering exceptional levels of service and care.

During May, you will recall that the UK was still wrestling with COVID-19 and many areas of the UK’s Health and Social Care system were under tremendous pressure: in this environment there were quite simply, a bumper crop of nominations with many superb examples of HATS colleagues pulling out all of the stops for our customers, patients and service users.

Our HATS Heroes of the Month for May 2021 were:

Karen Charles and Macjiec Proszeck – Patient Transport Services, Croydon University Hospital (CUH): who were able to deploy their training effectively and efficiently and keep a patient with considerable anxiety, calm and safe, during a challenging hospital to hospital transfer.

Sawsan Sherif (Naj), David Tipton, Bart Karny, Andrew Zdroik, Lee Austin, Peter Masters, Sunjiv Cahoolessur, Keine Laviolette and Maureen Campbell – All Patient Transport Services, CUH: who collectively were nominated by several CUH patients for being attentive, re-assuring (sometimes in challenging environments), approachable, caring, delicate and above all hugely empathetic at all times.

Abdi Hassan – Patient Transport Services, St George’s Hospital: received a glowing patient testimony of how approachable, caring, supportive and empathetic he was in looking after some elderly, nervous patients – including considerate driving, during an extended journey.

Jordan Lio and Billy Harris – Mental Health Transport Services, NW10: for going above and beyond and not settling for a ‘it’ll do job’, when a mental health patient – clearly distressed, suffered a significant health incident. Jordan and Billy’s actions clearly thwarted a ‘potential risk to life’ episode before they professionally and calmly handed over to the emergency services.

James Gibbs – HATS Finance: showing that it’s really about the whole team at HATS and ‘it only works when it all works’, with James’ providing excellent work, above and beyond support and a significant contribution to a recent large finance audit: that looks to significantly improve and enhance the operational effectiveness of the finance function for the benefit of all.

 A real collection of fantastic worthy winners.


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