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Self Care Week 2015

Self Care Week is all about being more aware of our health in 2015. It encourages everyone, from all walks of life to continue to take care of themselves and helps to promote the healthcare services available across the UK. So what are you waiting for? Get involved this week.

Self Care Week 2015

Established by the NHS, this year’s Self Care Week takes place from November 16th to 22nd. It’s a really important initiative that helps to remind us of the importance of on-going healthcare, and how simple things like eating healthier and visiting the doctors can help to prevent serious illness and long-term health problems.

At the Healthcare and Transport Services (HATS) Group and Olympic South Ltd, we’re supporting Self Care Week, and encouraging everyone reading this to get involved.

“Self care for life”

This year’s theme is “Self care for life” and aims to help everyone take control of their health throughout their whole life. This means encouraging better understand minor ailments and long-term conditions and how to prevent ill health by choosing healthy options for good mental and physical wellbeing.

We’re all responsible

At the heart of Self Care Week is a simple philosophy that at a basic level we are all responsible for our own health. Whilst we do live in a world where sometimes our well-being is beyond our control, it’s always important to remember to that we all have what it takes to build safer and healthier lifestyles.

Whether that involves losing weight, eating healthier, cutting down on alcohol or stopping smoking, there’s always something we can do to live a more caring life.

For more information about this year’s Self Care week, and how to live a more aware and healthy life, be sure to visit the Self Car Week 2015 website – there’s loads of helpful information, resources and tips on how to prevent ill health.

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