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National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day – a day to talk about stress and how it affects us.

Social media

Social media has become a great tool in recent years for raising the awareness of growing causes and initiatives. Although websites like Twitter and Facebook are used far too often to promote new stories and political messages, every now and then we are exposed to messages of hope and solidarity. And today is no different.

A widespread but rarely discussed topic, stress is something that we all come across at some point or other in our lives. But why don’t we discuss it more?


You might have experienced stress during your life, caused by work pressures or money worries, and it’s often difficult to deal with. Prolonged stress can lead to depression or on-going anxiety, and yet it’s something we brush under the carpet or ignore. When we really shouldn’t.

Admitting you’re not coping in the workplace or at home is something we find very hard to do in our society, but it really shouldn’t be. And that’s where #NationStressAwarenessDay comes in.


The campaign has been set up by The International Stress Management Association to help people better understand stress and how to deal with it.

Speaking about National Stress Awareness Day, spokesperson Chris Clarke said:

“National Stress Awareness Day is a day for recognising the insidious effect of stress on every aspect of our lives. Whether in the workplace or in our personal lives, stress reduces our effectiveness, our ability to respond and react and undermines our self-belief and confidence. This results in lower performance, loss of resilience and reduced sense of wellbeing and confidence. Recognising how stress affects each one of us personally has a major benefit in improving our health and effectiveness.”

Find out more and get help

At HATS and Olympic South Ltd we take stress very seriously, and regularly make sure our workforce are happy with their work and working environment. We think #NationalStressAwarenessDay is a great idea which could genuinely help to people to understand and cope with stress.

To find out more about stress, and how to combat it, be sure to visit The International Stress Management Association website.