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Heathrow Expansion Verdict Delayed?

The government has postponed the decision over the third runway at Heathrow airport until late 2016 – says the UK’s transport secretary.


The decision regarding a new runway at Heathrow airport has been talked about at great length over the past few months, but it seems we are no closer to any concrete decisions.

In a bid to increase travel infrastructure in the UK, a number of options were put forward for expansion. Three options are currently being considered, each with their own pros and cons.

Three options

The first option is a third runway at Heathrow, which business groups tend to favour. The second is another runway at Gatwick Airport, while the third involves extending an existing runway at Heathrow.

Following these three options, a decision had been promised previously by the end of the year, but delays have arisen following the call for further environmental research.

Environmental concerns

The Commons environmental audit committee recently produced a parliamentary report stating final approval should not be granted until Heathrow airport could meet key environmental conditions on climate change, air quality and noise.

Whilst delays were expected, the Government has faced criticism from business groups across the UK, who support expansion at Heathrow.


Speaking about the delays, John Holland-Kaye, the chief executive of Heathrow airport, said he was glad to have the opportunity to “reassure the prime minister he can have the best of both worlds.”

While The British Chambers of Commerce described the announcements as “gutless,” the Confederation of Business Industry, a leading UK employers’ organisation, said it was deeply disappointing.

There has been a call for more airport capacity around London from businesses and industry figures alike. But with more environmental concerns regarding Heathrow, it seems we’ll be waiting even longer to hear a decision.

You can find out more about the delays over on the BBC website.

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