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HATS Group & Shake Up September

At the Healthcare and Transport Services (HATS) Group (part of Olympic South Ltd), we’re always keen to promote healthy and active lifestyles. That’s why we’re getting behind this year’s ‘Shake Up September’ challenge, a new initiative to encourage regular exercise in and outside the workplace.

Healthcare services

Working in patient and home to school transport, at HATS we’re always on hand to help those in the community. From new dependant patients, to children with special educational needs, we assist our passengers in any way we can and help to provide transport which is comfortable and safe.

‘Shake Up September’

In our continued effort to promote healthier and more active lifestyles in 2015, at HATS we’re following this year’s ‘Shake Up September’ challenge – a national initiative to help businesses and employees take part in more activities in and outside of the workplace.

Signing up to the month-long challenge, companies (like HATS) and their employees are encouraged to try out brand new activities and exercise more regularly. It’s a great idea that not only promotes a better workplace but also helps to spread a larger message about our health in 2015.

A more active workplace

Whilst many of the HATS team are out on the road delivering our services, we are aware of the challenges faced by office workers in today’s working environment. It’s estimated that many employees spend on average six hours a day sat at their desks, which can cause a number of long term health problems.

With a number of our staff situated in our head office, in Wimbledon, at HATS we’re fully supporting ‘Shake Up September’, and aim to take part in a number of activities in the next month. We’ll be getting up from our desks whenever possible and encourage others to do the same.

For more information about ‘Shake Up September’ and to sign up now, make sure you visit the Workplace Challenge website today.

Follow the hashtag #SeptemberShakeUp on Twitter and stay up to date.