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Get Britain Standing

As a growing specialist healthcare transport company, at HATS and Olympic South Ltd we employ a wide range of skilled staff. From engineers and drivers to customer service representatives and phone operators, our workforce continue to provide the very best services to our clients and passengers.

HATS Group team

Whether operating from our head office or out in the field, working in the healthcare industry we always try to be mindful of our team of dedicated employees. Working in such a varied industry, with staff all around London, we’re increasingly aware of the wellbeing of our staff. That’s why we’re getting behind Get Britain Standing this year.

Sitting down at work

Sitting down at work is something many of us take for granted. For most of us it’s unavoidable or just a part of the job, but it’s something we should take more seriously. Only recently have studies shown the actual effect long periods spent sitting down can have on individuals. And the results are well worth knowing.

Health effects

It’s interesting to see that on average, British people sit for 8.9 hours each day – over 62 hours each week. Whilst sitting down for long periods of time shouldn’t be an immediate worry, recent major international research has produced compelling evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours each day can lead to a number of health problems.

Sitting for more than 4 hours each day leads to:

  • Enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats shutting down
  • Reduced calorie burning (Metabolic rate)
  • Disrupted blood sugar levels
  • Increased insulin and blood pressure levels
  • Leg muscles switching off

Get Britain Standing

To help combat these effects, organisations like Get Britain Standing are encouraging workers, employers and people from all walks of life to challenge their daily routines and habits. And at HATS Group, we couldn’t agree more.

To combat the health risks involved with extended sitting down, employers and workers are being encouraged to be more active at work – doing exercise, utilising sit-stand style desks and finding different ways to spend the working day. Anything to help break up the ‘normal’ work day.

Whilst we might not be rushing to buy a new ‘treadmill desk’ here at HATS, we’re interested in the message Get Britain Standing are sending. And we’ll do everything we can in the future to ensure our staff are out of their seats as much as possible.

You can find out more about Get Britain Standing and the risks of sitting down for long periods of time over on www.getbritainstanding.org