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First driverless pods arrive in the Netherlands

Providing specialist transport solutions for the public, HATS have always been dedicated to first-class services. Over the years, we’ve put a considerable amount of our time into the development of our fleet and services, to stay up to date with the latest practices and innovations.

HATS technology

From utilsing vehicle and mobile phone tracking technology to upgrading our growing fleet, at HATS we’ve made many considerable steps to help further improve the efficiency and productivity of our services. But there is always more we can do.

Looking to the industry for new developments and ideas has always been essential at HATS, and in 2015 things are no different. But as technology becomes more and more prevalent in the modern industry, innovation can often take a step in the wrong direction.

Personal services

At HATS, customer service and one-to-one contact is extremely important. Our drivers, passenger assistants and entire staff ensure that patients, school children and clients are given the best treatment possible. But could that standard of treatment continue without them? With the testing of new ‘driverless’ vehicles in the UK and beyond, we ask whether automated transport is a worthwhile for the healthcare transport industry and beyond.

Driverless vehicles

The first self-driving electric shuttle for use on public roads has been delivered to the Netherlands this week. The “WEpod” will be used abroad to take passengers between the towns of Wageningen and Ede from November this year.

This news comes after the introduction of autonomous transportation in the UK, which is currently being tested in London, Milton Keynes and Bristol.

Driver-less transport has often been touched upon in the past, but now it appears that the futuristic nature of high-tech autonomous transport is nearly here.

The future?

Said to provide several benefits for public transport, including reducing the number of accidents to improving emissions compliance and easing congestion, driverless transport seems like a great idea on the surface. But only time will tell.

Working in the healthcare transport industry, we know too well the importance of uninterrupted and personal services. And no matter the efficiency of the technology, at HATS we understand the importance of human contact and care – an element that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

You can find out more about driverless transport over on the Telegraph’s website.

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